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Autumn Road Intermediate School, Hillsborough, New Jersey

Auten Road Intermediate School in Hillsborough, NJ has been bringing Austin the Unstoppable to their 6th grade students every year since the show premiered in 2012. Minda Maggio, District Life Skills Coordinator, believes Austin's message of a healthy lifestyle, family and friendship, and achieving your goals positively impacts the students at ARIS. Maggio said, "Students learn about the power they have to make healthy choices in all aspects of life (not just what they eat, but also in their relationships, their family, etc.) The performance is very effective - it's funny while covering a serious topic. Great balance!"

One of the things that we love about ARIS is how they use the concepts and themes in Austin the Unstoppable as a framework for larger learning for their students. In 2014, Angela Cleveland, Guidance Counselor at ARIS, implemented pre and post play surveys to evaluate student learning. The questions focused on choices that students make every day about healthy goals and food choices. The students' responses to the survey showed a dramatic improvement of content understanding of over 25 after viewing Austin the Unstoppable. In addition to the pre and post play survey, many educators and staff members have found that the play is valuable to their classroom teachings. Here is what they had to say: 
"Austin the Unstoppable helped them to reflect on choices they make each and every day and how they can make better ones for their health." -A. Cleveland

"The students learned about proper food choices in a really exciting way! They were enthralled and didn't realize that they were learning." - M. Martin 
"Comical and educational - Winning combo!" - A. Skiles

Thanks to Auten Road Intermediate School for being a partner in encouraging students to live a healthy more active lifestyle!

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