Our Student and Educator Study Guides, Unstoppable documentary, and Stories of Inspiration are great resources to prepare students before the show and provide them with meaningful ways to extend their learning after the show.

For Students
Fun activities await you! Enter to meet our cast, create an original
song, and explore how to be Unstoppable!

For Educators
This study guide includes a variety of pre and post-show activities to engage, inform and inspire student learning. Activities and lessons are SMART Board compatible.
Documentary Video
See how a performance of Austin the Unstoppable touches the lives and impacts students at two New Jersey elementary schools.
Stories of Inspiration
Read inspiring stories of students and adults making positive changes in their lives to assure a healthy
Thanks, Ashley! We loved performing at Rieck Avenue School! https://t.co/cYXLdWXnsV
Thanks for having us, Darlene! We enjoyed performing at G. Harold Antrim! https://t.co/3UJxudXrCk
Thanks for having us! We loved performing at your school! https://t.co/nTd1Y4f8gf
What a pleasure to perform for your school today! Keep being Unstoppable! https://t.co/gm8FZuWo2D
So glad you're enjoying it! https://t.co/DaN4K6jc5y