What People are Saying
"My students came back to class and decided whether their snacks were healthy or not! Fantastic Show! Entertaining, educational and professional!"
- A. Petruzziello, Mendham Avenue School
"The performance gave an entertaining, yet powerful message about the consequences of poor nutrition and lack of exercise."
- L. Parnak, School Nurse, Livingston Elementary
"My students are still talking about the performance. During snack they'll say, 'Look I'm making Austin proud!"
- Lisa Romeo, James Monroe Elementary
"The students learned about proper food choices in a really exciting way! They were enthralled and didn't realize that they were learning."
- M. Martin, Auten Road Intermediate School
"The students enjoyed the program. They grasped the main idea and came out singing. The format was interesting, funny and relevant to the students."
- Leeds Avenue School

Thanks, Ashley! We loved performing at Rieck Avenue School! https://t.co/cYXLdWXnsV
Thanks for having us, Darlene! We enjoyed performing at G. Harold Antrim! https://t.co/3UJxudXrCk
Thanks for having us! We loved performing at your school! https://t.co/nTd1Y4f8gf
What a pleasure to perform for your school today! Keep being Unstoppable! https://t.co/gm8FZuWo2D
So glad you're enjoying it! https://t.co/DaN4K6jc5y